Variety Show
(2015) - performance

A duo enters the stage seemingly unprepared. Having nothing to perform, they stutter and stammer while they try to come up with material. This quickly results into hilarious scenes with a dark undertone, in which the spectators often are put on a wrong track. Nothingness turns out to be a recurring theme throughout the piece. Having no material, it’s a show that has no real content, only two performers desperatly trying to save theirselves.

The piece messes with the expectations of a show, within the context of the festival it performed. It can be interpreted as a reaction against the compelling force that there always has to be ‘something’, especially in the field of entertainment.

Variety Show is inspired by the stand-up of Andy Kaufman, who manifested an enigmatic persona through disguises and characters. With unclear intentions, you often would not be sure of what you see is a part of the performance or that the whole thing is falling apart before your eyes. If done right this results in a form where the audience is always one step behind of the makers, leaving them completely puzzled.

Variety Show was performed at festival De Parade in 2015, and was produced by former Theater aan het Spui, now Het Nationale Theater. An earlier version was made at Frascati Theater.

Concept Marijn Brussaard
Performance Elias de Bruyne, Marijn Brussaard
Lights Iain Hoeffnagel
Costume Kyra Wessel
Direction Sanne Nouws
Photo’s Maurice Mikkers
Production John de Weerd, TAHS

-”De overtuigen gebrachte nietsigheid schuurt en prikkelt, en zet op een spannende manier aan het denken over ons onstilbare verlangen naar vermaak en de volstrekte leegheid van datgene waarme we dat verlangen meestal stillen.” - Trouw ****

-”Brussaard en de Bruyne zijn raadselachtige jongens met een onontkoombare aanwezigheid.” - Scenes ****