Know V.A. discography 2013-now

Composition + sound-design The Returned, Theater RAST/Ada Ozdogan 2024
Know V.A. - X (Mixtape 2013-2018)

Know V.A. - Slow Burner, Hard Drifter, Strange Days 2023
Life of Ryan DJ set, Strange Days - Echobox Radio, 2023
Music + sound-design for Formula Cum, Lisa Schamlé 2023

Touch the Sky soundtrack, Marijn Brussaard, Life Potential groupshow, Arti et Amicitiae 2023
Soundtrack piece for The Zone, Marijn Brussaard, Lente Kabinet + The Grey Space in the Middle 2023

100% Life of Ryan - Echobox Radio Presents #16 2022

Know V.A. - Hibernation, Knives 2020

Know V.A. - Mirrorscreen, United Ravers Against Fascism, Life From Earth x Never Sleep 2020

Music production for Cousin EP, Daan Couzijn 2020

Commission for Calvin Klein, CK One x Glamcult 2020

Know V.A. feature in Thunderdome Never Dies documentary, The Third Movement 2019

Know V.A. - Boiler Room, Hard Dance x Strange Days 2019

Music + sound-design for Party Dialogues, Theater Artemis, Liesbet Swings 2019

Music + sound-design for The Gentle Woman, Mugmetdegoudentand, Davy Pieters 2018

Music + sound-design for Why, why ohh why (YYOY), Nikki Hock 2017

Music + sound-design for Forever Young, Frascati Producties, Marijn Brussaard 2015