Rhythm of the Night
(2014) - performance

“It’s an unlikely act; first he confuses, then he breaks your heart.”

In Rhythm of the Night a timid boy appears on stage, a boy without a shirt or any additional features. Shyly he announces himself. He put on music and starts to dance in a boxing ring. It is unsettling to watch. The audience surrounds, and is watching a dancer in the body of a boy.

The 90s hit Rhythm of the Night by Corona starts to play. The boy falls into ecstasy. The audience watches him for the entire duration of the song, which hurts. But Brussaard doesn’t stop. Dancing changes into humping and slowly it becomes clear that this boy is desperately looking for confirmation, surrender, maybe love. Eventually, the depth of his pain seems unmeasurable, when he is looking the audience members in the eye one by one, while gently crying.

This text is a freely translated review by Vincent Kouters, de Volkskrant 22/09/2014.

Rhythm of the Night was made as a graduation piece in 2014 at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK), Mime department. The piece received the ‘Het debuut’ award at the ITs festival from Via Rudolphi

Concept, performance & music Marijn Brussaard
Coaching Bianca van der Schoot
Photo’s Jochem Jurgens

-‘De vorm die hij koos is kwetsbaar en alles behalve ‘af’. In drie delen danst, neukt en huilt hij. Alleen, op muziek, in een boksring, onder TL-licht; het publiek dicht om hem heen.” **** - NRC

-’Een onwaarschijnlijke prestatie; eerst brengt hij je in verwarring, daarna breekt hij je hart. *** - Volkskrant