Forever Young
(2015) - performance

Performance in an all-white set with rotating platform and a large rotating LED halo by Nikki Hock.

Forever Young is a portrait of alter-ego Young Ludo and homage to contemporary American superstar culture and lifestyle. The lawlessness of its hyper-masculine figures and aesthetic lifestyle is mainly communicated through videos and media. Because of what you see is so framed, the protagonists become more than human, a representation of themselves, like a sign or a god.

Only, when constantly performing, the image becomes greater and more consistent than the 'authentic' self. Forever Young explores the question of which one is more true.

Forever Young was produced by Frascati Theater in Amsterdam in 2015, and was selected for Circuit X 2016-2017 and part of TF Netherlands and Belgium.

Concept, performance & music Marijn Brussaard
Design & lights Nikki Hock
Coaching Bianca van der Schoot
Photo’s Bas de Brouwer