I Want More
(2023) - installation/performance

A choreography for pyrotechnics, smoke and lighting effects. Reflections on the aesthetics of Danger, Destruction and Darkness in pop culture and mass media. Is it possible to reclaim to symbols of destruction? The horror, the annihilation, the erotic charge of domination?

Research done at Gardening #2, a residency by GREENHOUSE, a project initiated by BAU plaform for Dance and Performance, Boogaerdt/VanderSchoot, Keren Levi | NeverLike, Nicole Beutler Projects and Veem House of Performance.

Touch the Sky
(2023) - video-installation

More than an hour of footage of skies, clouds and sunrises with an iPhone 12. In this audio-visual installation, the outside world can be seen through a plexiglass screen. This simultaneously references Dutch landscape art and Apple screensavers. By bringing the natural elements indoors, a simulated reality is created in which the distinction between real and artificial nature is blurred.

Touch the Sky was shown at De Sloot Amsterdam and Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam as part of Life Potential groupshow. Curated by Leon Stoffelen and Ersin Eken in 2023.

Concept, maker Marijn Brussaard
Special thanks Hidde Aans-Verkade, Erik Emmerik
Photo’s by Maarten Nauw

(2023) - video-installation

During the height of the Covid-19 lockdowns, artist Marijn Brussaard created the video-installation Undefined. Faced with the harsh winter and pandemic - he locked himself in his anti-kraak studio in Nieuw-West. There he was set out to build his own alternative world and to immerse himself in a place of artificial beauty and tranquility. In Undefined, lush greenery abounds, vibrant flowers bloom and butterflies scatter. The gentle sound of bird songs and trickling water can be heard in the distance. All of it is artificial, evoking a game-like quality. The creation of the oasis was a means of escaping a chaotic world and to deepen his research on artificiality, authenticity and hyperreality.

This text was generated by ChatGPT.

Undefined was shown at Het Huis Utrecht and Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam as part of Life Potential groupshow, curated by Leon Stoffelen and Ersin Eken in 2023.

Concept, maker Marijn Brussaard
Performance Barnaby Savage

Special thanks Tim Linde

The Zone
(2020) - installation

The Zone is an installation that researches the idea of an authentic experience in nature, and tries to create a space to reflect on this. Everything in this space in intentionally fake. The plants are made of plastic, the gravel is made of rubber and you can hear the bird songs from from the internet through the speakers.

We automatically associate nature with serenity, authenticity and calmness. It’s not for nothing that you can hear bird songs accompanying the massage chair on airports, and the ‘relaxation zones’ are always decorated with trees and grass carpets. Here, only the idea of nature is often enough. But what does ‘real’ nature still mean if we settle for a simulation? And isn’t it ironic that we seek for something genuine in artificial plants in a world where there is less and less nature to find?

The Zone was presented by Lente Kabinet & The Grey Space in the Middle in 2022, and by Frascati Theatre in 2023.

Concept, maker Marijn Brussaard
Performance Milou van Duijnhoven, Niek Vanoosterweyck, Barnaby Savage, Hidde Aans-Verkade 
Production Lena Meijer
Technical Manuel Botreur
Advice Nikola Knežević
Photo’s by Naomi Moonlion, Francoise Bolechowski, Lisa Schamlé
Poster Lejla Verheus
Co-production, residencies The Grey Space in the Middle, Zaal 3, Lente Kabinet/Dekmantel, Workspacebrussels, Come Together/GREENHOUSE, Theater Artemis, De Sloot
Supported by AFK/Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten

(2017) - performance / installation

The piece starts with a clip of a simulated face built from scratch, before it dives further into the future of the ‘real’ body in a digital space and the discrepancies that come with it. 

With the coming of the digital era, a new paradox emerges. Being connected is paired with a certain dehumanisation. The more connected you are, the less human you will be. In Blue, the beauty and cruelty of this contradiction are equally displayed.

A stream of associative images (consistent of 3D animation, selfies, and live green-screen manipulation) is fired at rapid speed. The images are soundtracked by arpeggio’s, or broken chords - drawing parallels between the classical music of Philip Glass and 90’s trance/euro dance hits. It forms a whole that mirrors the enormous amount of data we consume on a daily basis.

The performance concludes with the projection screen rolling up, and the rapid images and music fading away. The protagonist finally reveals himself after controlling the show behind the screen for the entire duration. Dressed in a camouflaged ghilie suit, he is still not fully showing himself. Bird songs from the internet can be heard through the speakers. As opposed to the artificial digital world, nature is representing the serene, real or ‘natural’. Although still artificial in this case, the nature is offering a bit of solace after all the intense imagery.

Blue was produced by Frascati Theater in Amsterdam in 2017, and has been shown at several theatres and festivals in the Netherlands, eg MOMO and Lowlands.

Concept, performance & music Marijn Brussaard
In collaboration with Barnaby Luke Savage
3D animation & poster Thomas de Rijk
Advice Bianca van der Schoot
Text Coen Cornelis
Lights Wouter Versteege
Coaching Quirine Racké, Helena Muske
Photo’s Bas de Brouwer

Marijn Brussaard

Marijn Brussaard (Amsterdam, NL) works with performance, music, video and installation. He graduated in 2014 as a performer and maker at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (Mime department).

In his conceptually and musically driven practice, he researches and reflects on the theatrics of modern-day phenomena and finds that the tension and drama often lie in the inconsistencies and paradoxes of these subjects. 

Informed by both mass media and internet micro-scenes, his work can be described as form-experiments that are often poetic, humorous or absurd by nature. The contrasts between what is considered real and synthetic or hyperreal are a recurrent theme in his work.

︎ @marijnbrussaard
︎ @universalryan
︎ brussaardmarijn@gmail.com

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2024 Me – a depiction, Lisa Schamlé, De Sloot, NL (sound-design/composer)
2024 Roof, Maxine Palit de Jongh, Likeminds, Theater Bellevue, NL (sound-design/composer)
2024 Actie Onbekend, developing new prize category for theater designers, Nederlands Theater Festival, NL

Selected showings
2023-24 Center Stage Robotics residency, Ulrike Quade Company, Creative Robotics, Universiteit Utrecht, NL - ism Niek Vanoosterweyck (maker)
2024 The Returned, Ada Ozdogan, Theater RAST, NL (sound-design/composer)
2023 Freaky Friday Face Off, De Warme Winkel, ITA, NL (sound-design/composer)
2023 Touch the sky, video-installation, Life Potential groupshow Arti et Amicitiae, Marijn Brussaard, NL (maker)
2023 Undefined, video-installation, Life Potential groupshow Arti et Amicitiae, Marijn Brussaard, NL (maker)
2023 The Invisible Man, performance, Theater Artemis, Unicorn Theatre, London, UK, (performer)
2022 Strange Days ADE, club night, Amsterdam Dance Event, Melkweg, NL (curator/dj)
2022 I Want More, performance/installation, Gardening, GREENHOUSE, Veem House of Performance, BAU platform, NL (maker)
2022 The Zone, performance/installation, The Grey Space in the Middle, Lente Kabinet, Zaal 3, workspacebrussels, NL/BE (maker)
2021 Een oprechte ode aan de Ironie, performance, De Warme Winkel, ITA, NL (sound-design/composer)
2021 Odette, Kater de en Lul, performance, La Isla Bonita, Frascati, NL (sound-design/composer)
2021 Station Electronique, live-set, La Station, Know V.A., Paris FR (performer/dj)
2020 Lunchmeat festival, live-set, Know V.A., Prague CZ (performer/dj)
2019 Boiler Room, dj-set, Strange Days x Hard Dance, Know V.A., NL (curator/dj)
2019 Thunderdome Never Dies, documentary, Know V.A., NL (composer)
2019 China tour, dj-set, Know V.A., Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, Hangzhou, CHN (performer/dj)
2019 Calvin Klein ad, CK One x Glamcult, Know V.A., NL (sound-design/composer)
2019 Party Dialogues, performance, Theater Artemis, Oerol, NL (sound-design/composer)
2018 India tour, dj/live-set Know V.A., New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, IND (performer/dj)
2018-22 Strange Days event series, Know V.A., NL (curator/dj)
2018 Strange Days x Modern Day Rogues, club night/exhibition, OT301/4bid gallery, Boris Postma & Know V.A., NL (curator/dj)
2018 RE:VIVE, live-set, Know V.A., Eye Filmmuseum, NL (performer/live set)
2018 De Onzichtbare Man, performance, Theater Artemis, NL/BE (performer)
2017 Why, why ohh why, performance, Nikki Hock, De School, Theater aan het Spui, Eye Filmmuseum, Scopitone Festival Nantes, NL/FR (performer/composer)
2017 Blue, performance, Frascati Producties, Lowlands, MoMo Theater Rotterdam, NL (maker/performer)
2016 NTS, Know V.A., UK (performer/dj)
2016 Forever Young, performance, Frascati Producties, Het TheaterFestival Vlaanderen, DeSingel, TF, NL/BE (maker/performer)
2015 Variety Show, performance, Theater aan het Spui, de Parade, NL (maker/performer)
2014 Rhythm of the Night, performance, Het Bijbels Museum, Museumnacht, ITs festival, Via Rudolphi, Het Debuut, NL (maker/performer)
2013-15 HOAX club night, Melkweg, NL (curator/dj)
2013 Lowlands festival, dj-set, Know V.A., NL (performer/dj)
2013 Mysteryland festival, dj-set, Om Unit b2b Know V.A., NL (performer/dj)

Awards, nominations, stipends
2024 Offies - TYA Performance, The Invisible Man, Theater Artemis, Unicorn Theatre, LDN, UK (performer)
2023 Werkbijdrage muziekauteur FPK, ism Warme Winkel, ITA, NL (sound-design/composer)
2021 Best of Fringe award, Yogi Anni, Annica Muller, NL (sound-design, composer)
2018 Nominatie VSCD Mimeprijs, Nederlands Theater Festival, De Onzichtbare man, Theater Artemis, NL (performer)
2018 Zilveren Krekel, VSCD, Nederlands Theater Festival, VSCD, De Onzichtbare man, Theater Artemis, NL (performer)
2016-17 Circuit X, Forever Young, selection TF, Het TheaterFestival Vlaanderen, NL/BE (maker/performer)
2014 Nominatie VSCD Mimeprijs, De dag dat de papegaai zelf iets wilde zeggen, Theater Artemis (performer)
2014 Het Debuut award, Rhythm of the Night, ITs festival, Via Rudolphi, NL (maker/performer)

Residencies, workshops, lectures
2023-24 Center Stage Robotics residency, Ulrike Quade Company, Creative Robotics, Universiteit Utrecht, NL - ism Niek Vanoosterweyck (resident)
2024 Future Stages, Ulrike Quade Company residency presentation, Theater Utrecht, NL (lecturer)
2023 Echobox Radio resident, Strange Days, Know V.A., NL (curator/dj)
2022 Gardening residency, a GREENHOUSE project, Veem House of Performance, BAU platform, NL (resident)
2022 The Grey Space in the Middle residency, Lente Kabinet, The Zone, NL (resident)
2022 workspacebrussels residency, The Zone, Brussels, BE (resident)
2019 Het Huis Utrecht residency, The Zone, NL (resident)
2018 Dag van de Mime, De Meervaart, NL (lecturer)
2015-17 Frascati production house, Forever Young and Blue, NL (maker)
2016 Workshop performance, KABK, NL (teacher)
2015 Pecha Kucha #18, w/ Nikki Hock, Zaal 3, Het Nationale Theater, NL (lecturer)
2015 Zaal 3, Het Nationale Theater, NL (maker)
2013-20 Red Light Radio resident, HOAX/Know V.A., NL (curator/dj)

Selected press
↪The Invisible Man review, The Guardian
↪Open brief Actie Onbekend, Theaterkrant
↪De ellende onder de loep nemen, Know V.A. interview Noisey
↪Hardcore is springlevend (en net zo spannend als toen), DJBroadcast
↪Theaterkrant, review Blue
↪Bühne Bisoux #02: Marijn Brussaard, Fringe Festival
↪NRC Handelsblad, review Rhythm of the Night
↪Volkskrant - review Rhythm of the Night

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Know V.A. discography 2013-now

Composition + sound-design The Returned, Theater RAST/Ada Ozdogan 2024
Know V.A. - X (Mixtape 2013-2018)

Know V.A. - Slow Burner, Hard Drifter, Strange Days 2023
Life of Ryan DJ set, Strange Days - Echobox Radio, 2023
Music + sound-design for Formula Cum, Lisa Schamlé 2023

Touch the Sky soundtrack, Marijn Brussaard, Life Potential groupshow, Arti et Amicitiae 2023
Soundtrack piece for The Zone, Marijn Brussaard, Lente Kabinet + The Grey Space in the Middle 2023

100% Life of Ryan - Echobox Radio Presents #16 2022

Know V.A. - Hibernation, Knives 2020

Know V.A. - Mirrorscreen, United Ravers Against Fascism, Life From Earth x Never Sleep 2020

Music production for Cousin EP, Daan Couzijn 2020

Commission for Calvin Klein, CK One x Glamcult 2020

Know V.A. feature in Thunderdome Never Dies documentary, The Third Movement 2019

Know V.A. - Boiler Room, Hard Dance x Strange Days 2019

Music + sound-design for Party Dialogues, Theater Artemis, Liesbet Swings 2019

Music + sound-design for The Gentle Woman, Mugmetdegoudentand, Davy Pieters 2018

Music + sound-design for Why, why ohh why (YYOY), Nikki Hock 2017

Music + sound-design for Forever Young, Frascati Producties, Marijn Brussaard 2015